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Braces near Kyle, TX

Braces near Kyle, TX

January 25, 2019
Receive the best care possible for your teeth at Smiles, by Dr. Thomas Parrigin

Are you having difficulty biting or chewing? Do you have misplaced, crowded or blocked out teeth? Or maybe your teeth don’t meet normally or your jaws pop or shift? These could all be signs that you may be in need of some braces near Kyle, TX.

Many people are afraid of the thought of having braces. However, it has now become pretty common for many people to have braces because they don’t only provide a nicer smile but they help with your dental health. Having an overbite, or teeth that are crowded can cause pain in the future. Many people decide to instead fix this issue with getting braces near Kyle, TX. At the Smiles office of Dr. Thomas Parrigin you will have amazing customer service with staff that cares about your needs and what makes you happy. To us you are more than just another customer, we want to be able to care for you and those you care about. Here at Smiles we offer a variety of services anywhere from preventative care to dental care and repair to cosmetic services. We really try to make our office your one stop location for all dental services. If you are in need of new braces near Kyle, TX, come to the office of Dr. Thomas Parrigin and allow us to provide you with the best possible dental care.

We welcome all new dental patients, whether you are new to the area or you are just in search of a new dentist, we are here to help. Our services are also available for college students. We understand it can be a hassle to travel back home for a dental appointment and so we would love to be your dental health provider while you are attending school. Contact our office today to find out more about setting an appointment.