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Get A Tooth Implant in San Marcos, TX

Get A Tooth Implant in San Marcos, TX

November 27, 2018
Dr. Thomas Parrigin can help you with your tooth implant in San Marcos, TX

If you have previously lost a tooth, the gap in leaves can be bothersome. Having that gap can make things like chewing food difficult and painful, and can affect the appearance of your smile. Luckily, a tooth implant in San Marcos, TX can help you fill in that gap in your mouth.

If you are looking for a tooth implant in San Marcos, TX, then take a look into Smiles, the dental office that has so many services to offer. Dr. Thomas Parrigin is the main dentist and he has so many years of experience as well as many certifications from colleges and programs he was a part of. If you are missing a tooth then Dr. Parrigin can go ahead and help with a tooth implant in San Marcos, TX . However, at Smiles, tooth implant in San Marcos, TX is not all we do. Here we also provide the best preventative care possible.

Although we enjoy our customers coming into the office, we like knowing that you are doing everything possible to prevent getting an infection or anything worse. That is why we enjoy when people come into our office frequently to get their routine check up and their teeth cleaning. This helps prevent any infections that may occur and in place prevent any surgeries that could be needed such as a tooth implant in San Marcos, TX.

Apart from preventative care, we also provide dental care and repair such as crowns, fillings, bridges and assisting with worn dentition. All of these are fairly common cases but at Smiles by Dr. Thomas P Parrigin, we treat every person as an individual needing our help instead of looking at them as just another customer. Smiles is your friendly neighborhood dental office, where we provide both individual and comprehensive services. Come to our office today to leave with a smile!