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Teeth Alignment in San Marcos, TX

Teeth Alignment in San Marcos, TX

December 28, 2018
Get your teeth properly aligned at SMILES

As your teeth grow in, they do not always come in straight. Teeth can grow in crooked or at strange angles that crowd out the surrounding teeth. If left alone, this can eventually cause all sorts of dental problems. Fortunately, certain treatments can make sure your teeth are straightened. The best way to take care of this problem is with teeth alignment in San Marcos, TX.

Teeth alignment in San Marcos, TX can be taken care of using a variety of orthodontic treatments. The most common alignment method is braces. You have probably seen these before, or even had them yourself. Many people have them in their teenage years to straighten out there teeth, but many people use them in adulthood as well. Braces are thin brackets made out of metal or ceramic that fit over your teeth and slowly straighten them out. Today, there are several different types and styles of braces you can use.

Retainers are typically used after braces are removed to ensure the teeth alignment in San Marcos, TX stays. These are usually clear and can be permanent or temporary. If you need a new retainer or would like a certain type, it is helpful to make an appointment with an orthodontist.

If you are in need of teeth alignment in San Marcos, TX, make an appointment at SMILES! Dr. Parrigin is an experienced dentist and orthodontist that is passionate about helping patients keep their teeth healthy. Dr. Parrigin specializes in several different methods of teeth alignment in San Marcos, TX and can recommend the best one for your mouth. He has decades of experience with dentistry and orthodontics and will make sure your teeth get the right treatment. So if you are struggling with crooked teeth, make an appointment with SMILES today!