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Teeth Bonding in San Marcos, TX From SMILES

Teeth Bonding in San Marcos, TX From SMILES

August 26, 2018
Have damaged teeth? Come to SMILES for teeth bonding!

If you have a chipped, fractured, or discolored tooth, there is no need to worry about it. There are many dental procedures that can fix tooth damage and restore your beautiful smile. If you have a damaged tooth and are looking for a way to fix it, teeth bonding in San Marcos, TX is a great treatment option.

What is Teeth Bonding?
Teeth bonding in San Marcos, TX involves applying a tooth colored plastic resin to a tooth. This bonds the tooth and repairs any chips or cracks. Because the resin is tooth colored, it will also cover up any discoloration that may be present. This procedure is fairly popular because of its low cost and speed. Other tooth repair procedures can take weeks and multiple visits to the dentist. This one can usually be done in one visit, restoring your beautiful smile right away!

How SMILES Can Help
At Smiles, we are dedicated to treating Texans one smile at a time. When you come see us for teeth bonding in San Marcos, TX, you will receive attentive, personalized care. We realize that every mouth is different, which is why we give each patient the unique care they need. At SMILES, our patients our so much more than just a job to us. We see them as family.

Our dentist, Dr. Parrigin, has decades of experience and can take care of your teeth bonding in San Marcos, TX with ease. He is knowledgeable about many different mouth types and tooth damage, giving him the skills necessary to treat you properly. Come on over and see for yourself the excellent service we have at SMILES! We would love to have you as a patient. Contact us today to make an appointment for teeth bonding in San Marcos, TX!