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The Best Orthodontist near Kyle, TX

The Best Orthodontist near Kyle, TX

January 25, 2019
Receive the best care possible for your teeth at Smiles, by Dr. Thomas Parrigin

Are you in search of a new orthodontist near Kyle, TX? No worries, the dental office Smile by Dr. Thomas Parrigin is the best dental help office around the Central Texas area. You want the best possible care you can have when it comes to your teeth. A beautiful white smile with healthy gums and teeth are meant to last you your lifetime, with the proper care you can keep your teeth stay. Dr. Thomas Parrigin is the orthodontist near Kyle, TX that you want to see. You want an orthodontist who has seen a variety of cases and has the experience required to make sure you are in good hands.

Dr. Thomas Parrigin has received extensive education and is part of various professional memberships to make sure he is up to date with the new discoveries in how to maintain your dental needs the best. Whether you are looking to find a new orthodontist near Kyle, TX or you are new to the area, at Smiles we care for every patient that walks in the door. We like to think of the Smiles office as the place where we can treat Texas, one smile at a time. Come in today to meet with the orthodontist near Kyle, TX and experience just some of the great services we offer.

At the Smiles office we offer a variety of services. These include preventative care, dental care and repair, and even cosmetic services. If you are trying to find a dentist that can do all your dental services, Dr. Parrigin should be the person to contact. Read a bit more of our blogs to see what services we offer and how we could be your new orthodontist near Kyle, TX.