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Dentist in San Marcos, TX

April 17, 2017

A dentist in San Marcos, TX that will really make you smile is Dr. Thomas P. Parrigin. Through 50 years of service Dr. Parrigin has seen it all. The Smile Team customizes complex dentistry work to your individual needs, no matter what your mouth may have in store. Our patients are our family, and we treat them like family!

Smiles San Marcos and Dr. Thomas P. Parringin DDS do more than just sticking to basics and carrying out simple tooth cleanings. Everyone is unique, and everyone's teeth are different! For a dentist in San Marcos, TX that goes above and beyond with quality assistance and suits the proper care to individual needs, keep Dr. Thomas P. Parringin in mind.

Smiles San Marcos is proud to offer a variety of services for you and your family, from teens and up. No one can rival Dr. Parrigin. We're here to help you live the healthy life you deserve starting from the gums up.

Your first visit to the dentist in San Marcos, TX at Smiles San Marcos starts with an initial step: a new patient exam. The team will evaluate the health of your teeth, your bite, and inspect for signs and issues that could lead to future damage.

From toothaches to whitening, to preventative work to complex restoration, we are proud and happy to offer a wide range of services. For a dentist in San Marcos, TX that will really make you smile from ear to ear, Dr. Parrigin is the dentist for you and your family!