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Dental Cleaning Wimberley, TX | SMILES

Dental Cleaning Wimberley, TX | SMILES

Straighten out those crooked teeth with adult braces!

Professional Dental Cleaning Wimberley, TX
SMILES by Dr. Thomas P Perrigin with dental cleaning Wimberley, TX. SMILES dentistry offers all the services you get at your current dentistry plus more, join the SMILES family now for all your services in one. At SMILES we promise great services and even better results. Dr. Thomas Parrigin has been treating Texans ‘one smile at a time”. We are happy to offer services for anyone looking for dental cleaning Wimberley, TX. Our team is made of passionate individuals who truly care about their patient’s oral health and well-being. Dental cleaning in Wimberley TX has never been better! Your satisfaction is our top priority, at SMILES our patients are our family. We have a mission to deliver top-notch service without long hours in the waiting room. Since 1973 we have provided the greater area with the highest quality dental care. We've seen it all and want to make a difference for you no matter what's in store. Call us today to schedule an appointment for dental cleaning Wimberley, TX. (512) 396-1818

Smile For SMILES
Teeth can get worn down, yellow, and aged in appearance, our cosmetic services offer veneers, orthodontics, and dental cleaning Wimberley, TX. Our team understands your desire for a mouth full of pearly whites which is why we're happy to offer cosmetic services. SMILES provides cleanings and examinations services to prevent issues and identify the start of problems before serious action is required. Just like your annual checkups at the doctor, your teeth need regular care too. SMILES can help ensure your teeth are as healthy as possible from childhood into advanced age with a dental cleaning in Wimberly, TX. Contact our team of professionals today for dental cleaning Wimberley, TX!

Service That Never Quits
Are you new in town or simply looking for a new dentist? All patients are welcome at SMILES where we treat our patients like our family. When you want to trust a dentist who cares about you and your family you're in the right place! SMILES offer a variety of services such as crowns, implants, bonding, and dental cleaning Wimberley, TX. Get Whiter teeth for free! Available for patients only when you schedule a routine dental cleaning Wimberley, TX.

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