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Dental Crowns in San Marcos, TX

Dental Crowns in San Marcos, TX

June 30, 2017
Are you in need dental crowns in San Marcos, TX and want a dentist you can count on? You can trust Dr. Thomas Parrigin at SMILES, he has been in practice almost 50 years.

Dr. Thomas Parrigin here at SMILES has been in practice since 1969, where we provide the best service possible; our priority is customer satisfaction. If you need dental crowns in San Marcos, TX, SMILES can help with those as well as services like dentures, teeth whitening, preventative care, teeth cleaning, bridges, fillings, caps, implants, veneers, orthodontics, and many more! All new patients are welcome here at SMILES, we are also a proud member of the Texas State community.


What are dental crowns in San Marcos, TX used for? Dental crowns are used in many different cases. Crowns can be used to protect a weak tooth or to hold a broken tooth together. Dental crowns may also help to restore a broken or worn down tooth. Dental crowns may also be used to cover a dental implant or hold a dental bridge into place. There is not just one use for dental crowns!


Don’t wait on dental crowns in San Marcos, TX, come on down to your friendly neighborhood dentist. We serve teenagers and up, and ensure a beautiful smile to every customer of SMILES! Come get your dental crowns in San Marcos, TX today, and put your whitest smile forward with us. Check out our website for more information, or call us today, even if we aren’t open, still call and we will get back to you within 24 hours.