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Orthodontics in San Marcos, TX

Orthodontics in San Marcos, TX

August 11, 2017
Do you need a great dentist for orthodontics in San Marcos, TX? Call Smiles for quality dentistry from Thomas Parrigin, DDS.

Dr. Parrigin is a great local Dentist in the marvelous city of San Marcos, when you are a patient here, you are family! At Smiles Dr. Parrigin offers services from routine cleanings, to orthodontics in San Marcos, TX. All adults are welcome and we proudly serve many bobcats at Texas State as well! Orthodontics in San Marcos, TX is something you many require preventing health issues that can come from overbites, underbites, and more, or just for cosmetic reasons, either way Smiles San Marcos is the place for you!


At Smiles you get great quality orthodontics in San Marcos, TX which can really improve self-image and help prevent future breathing or swallowing problems, teeth crowding, teeth spacing issues, underbite, deep overbite, etc. There are many reasons to get orthodontics in San Marcos, TX even past the teenage years, if you think you may require some orthodontic care contact us and we will respond within 24 hours! When you get dental care in the form of orthodontics it will help reduce chances of chipping or wear, help chewing and digestion, increase confidence, and make your teeth easier to clean!


Overall orthodontics in San Marcos, TX has many more benefits than downfalls, and  some insurance plans even cover orthodontics. If you want regular teeth cleanings, tooth repair, dental cosmetic services, or orthodontics in San Marcos, TX you need to come to Smiles, and get dental care from Dr. Parrigin! Fill out our easy contact form to start setting up your appointment.