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San Marcos Orthodontics

San Marcos Orthodontics

September 15, 2017
Do you need cosmetic oral care such as veneers, teeth whitening, and orthodontics? Come to Dr. Thomas Parrigin at SMILES San Marcos for great quality cosmetic oral care including top quality San Marcos orthodontics!

Dr. Thomas Parrigin serves the local community with great quality dental checkups at SMILES San Marcos, also offering cleanings, and cosmetic care including San Marcos orthodontics. Having your teeth properly aligned is more than just a cosmetic issue, proper alignment can help prevent speech impediments, jaw or tmj pain, difficulty chewing and eating, sleep apnea cause by mouth breathing or snoring, grinding or clenching of teeth, tooth decay, and gum disease.


Come talk to Dr. Thomas Parrigin at SMILES San Marcos about San Marcos orthodontics, great orthodontic care can prevent health concerns, and improve self-image! Many problems can arise that require orthodontic care, such as overbites, under bites, crooked teeth and more. All of these issues may lead to head and jaw pain if not corrected. If you think you may need orthodontic care, come get a tooth examination and Dr. Thomas Parrigin and SMILES San Marcos will get you on the right track no matter what your dental cares needs are.


Don’t ignore your teeth, come get San Marcos orthodontics from Dr. Thomas Parrigin! If you think that you need orthodontic care or braces, it’s best to get those teeth realigned as soon as possible! Adults can get braces whenever as it is never too late for braces, schedule an appointment for a checkup today. Dr. Thomas Parrigin is a trusted local dentist at SMILES San Marcos that aims to help the community smile bright, contact us today for any further questions!